UCK - The key tu the public relations and promotion market in Poland

Who we are?

The task of UCK Agency is to provide our Clients with comprehensive services in the field of marketing and promotion. We extend assistance to our Clients at every stage of business activity, i.e. from the creation of a logo, through the development of an advertising strategy and its implementation, the development of a client portfolio, to finding business partners. The Agency’s actions make it possible to create a unique brand and to maintain the market advantage in the next steps.

When working on a Client’s brand, a promotional campaign, commissioned content, processing cooperation with influencers or athletes associated with UCK, we carry out a full range of work for the Client, including schedules, cooperation with those most relevant to the Client’s brand/vision – as well as overseeing all activities in the case of commissions aimed at starting collaborations with third parties.

The experience we have gained allows our staff to tailor the product we offer to the needs of any given Client. We cooperate with global game publishers and well-known brands from the world of sports. We help companies, players and teams to successfully expand into the Polish market, as well as the markets of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe – by adapting global strategies and their implementation on a tactical level, as well as in international cooperation. We understand our partners, flexibly adjusting the time we work together.

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