We provide full service for our Clients in the Polish market, as well as in the region of Eastern and Southern Europe.

As part of our long-term cooperation, we ensure timely implementation of global strategies and create full structures for their operations.

Furthermore, if necessary, we act as an intermediary for our Clients in all talks and negotiations, as well as guarantee the legal services of the law company we have entrusted with handling our own legal affairs. We are therefore able to guide the Client through all levels of negotiation while offering services that will, first of all, protect our Clients (all in one place). We process the whole transaction, in fact, the Client does not need to have direct contact with the subcontractor’s company – we take care of everything on the Client’s behalf.
The experience of our specialists ensures the highest level of service and tailoring of activities to the Client’s order.

Our knowledge of the market allows us to tailor an appropriate strategy and quick forms of implementation, with all activities on the Polish side taken on by us.

We help brands, players and sports teams to quickly expand into the Polish market. Through marketing activities, cooperation with well-known brands and sports and gaming people, as well as sponsorship – UCK is able to prepare a strategy for even the most demanding Client.