With growth comes monetisation of successes. A league or entity that has built a position for itself in the market always brings opportunities for outside companies to promote their services or products based on the Client’s organisations.

After a thorough analysis of the Client’s offer and services, we create a product targeted at prospective investors and cooperating companies. With our wide network of contacts, we are able not only to participate in negotiations, but also to enable the “introduction” between entities from different industries, so that everyone can achieve their business goals. Our support does not end with acquiring a sponsor – we also provide this sponsor with proactive services.

The television rights market is also an extremely important topic from the point of view of tournament organisers and broadcasters. The largest television stations and key Internet portals have been our collaborators on several projects.

We are able to connect sports entities with the largest companies that organise esports events in the country and deal with their broadcasting, streaming and transmission.

Summarizing: we will make sure that your potential in Poland is properly monetised.