• Processing orders for Eastern and Southern Europe UCK aims at the continuous development. We are looking for new challenges, so we keep launching our activities in new markets. We have recently entered the Hungarian and Romanian markets. We are also active in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria on the permanent basis. We process the activities of our Clients, and also supervise the promotional materials they send us. In the case of this type of assignment, UCK is able – based on the information provided by the Client – to select suitable subcontractors in the indicated markets and supervise their activities (including financial safeguards).

  • Cooperation with media agencies We have experience in cooperating with media agencies in Poland. When cooperating with us, our Clients receive advice on the selection of subcontractors. At the Client’s request, UCK also handles contract negotiations and the processing of such payments, including project supervision. As a rule, the Client hires the agency, and we take care of the rest.