The creation of graphics and infographics consists of several stages, which means that it is worked on by a selected UCK team – starting with the Client’s instructions, the work of copywriters, to proofreaders, and ending with the graphic designer. The final result is supervised by the Project Manager of our Agency, who agrees with the Client on the whole process, including the Client’s final expectations. Our main goal is the Client’s satisfaction with our services – which means that we try to learn about the sports and esports market on an ongoing basis to be able to actively advise our Clients in this regard.

In the process of designing graphics, we cooperate with influencers from various walks of life. On behalf of our Clients, we select athletes and try to combine the world of traditional sports, esports and computer games. In this way, it is possible to promote the Client’s products in an interdisciplinary manner and to present them from a completely new perspective. In such cases, people from seemingly two different worlds actually turn out to have the same fascinations – a fact that the Agency exploits in its campaigns focused on athletes fascinated with the world of computer games. In the next steps, we can see them describing the most important aspects of the game, characters, artefacts or actions that will make the player develop and continue to use the Client’s products.

The whole reaserch and having a pool of suitable people are included in the activities of our Agency. It is this kind of grassroots work that helps us to attract new Clients. This approach is what distinguishes UCK – the right people who can identify those passionate about their daily promotional activities when searching the profiles/ resumes of athletes, companies, and entities on the sports market.